Ombre Wedding


My whole life I have driven past this little chapel in the woods. Its tucked away in the Shawnee National Forest, just a 20 minute drive from my studio.  For the past 15 years I have thought “Someday I am going to do a styled wedding shoot in that little church.”

As the Mayesh Design Star for 2013, I get to dream up all kinds of concepts for the monthly shoots. I sketch them out and pitch them to the powers that be. They have yet to tell me no….so my “someday” finally came. At long last I was going to get to do my shoot. You can check out the August Fresh Take Video on YouTube right here!

So, a few months ago, Stephanie Susie & I went down to clean things up. A little elbow grease & a lot of Murphy’s Oil Soap got this church ready for The Big Day. No electricity, no running water, but charm & character was in abundance!

And the day came, boy did it ever!  Tornados were looming, unbearable humidity hung upon us & we fought bugs galore. The bride & the flowers were stunning and kept us inspired until the very end (when the heavens opened up and we had a good old fashioned “gulley washer”)

It was totally worth it. I got to design an ombre bouquet, full of the incredible product that Mayesh is famous for. I love how it translated, the colors gently blending & fading, tumbling one into the next.


The movement was lovely. The hanging amaranthus swayed with every step, pendulous and rich with texture. Her vintage styled crochet dress set off the flowers perfectly.


And the flowers for her hair! We did the headband on the premise that the bride was having a bad hair day. Yeah, right. Have you SEEN her? As if that were possible.


And the groom was a cutie-patootie too. Complete with matching bow tie. Details~details~DETAILS!


Once inside, we added fresh bay garland, and wonderful glass & silver candlholders from UCI. Who says that just because its in an old church it has to be burlap & mason jars?!? That was cute the first 459 times, but I am always looking for fresh, innovative ways to style a wedding.


With the flowers to anchor the ceremony,  UCI’s glass candleholders were a fantastic addition. I loved using them, and I am thrilled to have them in my rental inventory.  The fresh bay garland, custom made to fit the space, provided a great way to frame our couple.

So I finally got to do that wedding shoot that has been on my bucket list. Little did I know ombre would be on trend when the day finally came, that I would have a wonderful photographer/friend to capture it all, that I would be doing the shoot for Mayesh as their Design Star, and that it would all come together as it did. Special thanks to Caroline Cambbell, Dylan Humm, Brian Wildeman, Kaleb Cook, Stephanie & Jay Susie, Design Master, UCI and to Mayesh, for letting me scheme and plot and plan (& for never telling me no!)

Three shoots left to go for 2013….off to plan & scheme some more!



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  1. Sprout 8 years ago | Reply

    No mason jars? No burlap?! What were you thinking?!

    I LOVE what you were thinking! Rustic and sophisticated, yes it can be done.

  2. Lindsay Schmidt 8 years ago | Reply

    You are a rockstar! It’s stunning. xo

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