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All of my “before Christmas” decorating installs are done. What a relief! (and absolute joy)

I am thankful.

Actually, I am extra thankful this year, and here is why:

Today I finalize the packing of my studio. It finally sold. (Heavy emphasis on FINALLY)

I have been serving clients from that location for the past 15 years, and after MUCH patience & prayer (and wailing & gnashing of teeth) it has a new owner.

It has been a great location but I outgrew it long ago, so I will be moving on.

I have done nearly 500 weddings from that spot in the past 15 years. No wonder I’m tired.  Like Indiana Jones said “It’s not the years, honey, its the mileage…”


To all the brides and their moms, to all my Southern Illinois clients, thank you. Thanks for the memories, the opportunity to be a part of your lives & your homes & your celebrations. I could write a book about our adventures, the laughter, the challenges, the downright insanity, the friendships that developed. My heart is full. To share in your celebrations & seasons was a blast.

I came to Harrisburg 18 years ago & started a traditional flower shop with my sister. After 3 years, it sold & I began my life as  a freelance designer with a studio location. I loved my spot on Poplar & the customers that came with it.

Don’t worry, I will still be “doing my part to make your world more beautiful” but I will be doing it from a different location.

I don’t know where yet, so stay tuned.

Seasons change, and the changes of this season are upon us. We dress differently (more warmly!) in different colors (I like rocking the orange this time of year, but will cease to do so after tomorrow…go figure)  We decorate differently. We EAT differently!

The grace of transition is a choice. You can transition smoothly, with a heart full of gratitude, or transition in anxiety, with a heart full of fear. I don’t know all the details about exactly where I am going and when I will get there, but I will get there. I have a pretty good track record for “getting there”. I count on the grace of heaven, to direct my steps and I expect to find favor everywhere I go, wherever that may be!

As I transition, I thank you for being a part of the journey. May our paths be filled with beauty, through all our seasons.


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