The Art of Being Thankful

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Its my very favorite time of year.

Fall is my favorite. Thanksgiving brings a richness in color and texture which I explored on this months Mayesh Design Star series.

Cornucopia is the traditional icon for this time of year. You can buy them (if you are bored and uninspired)

But wouldn’t it be much more fun to make your own?

Yeah, I thought you would agree.

You can check it out HERE.

Go grab some fresh branches. Willow or small saplings work great; it does not have to be victorian birch.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, what a great centerpiece you will have!

Going to the home of friend or family? What a terrific gift.

And once you have gotten it made, check out the bonus video that shows how to fill it with the abundance of the season.

Have you ever seen fresh chestnuts?

Watch the BONUSĀ video and you’ll spot some, along with other terrific flora & fauna from this bountiful season.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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