Bye 2013!

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 1.15.07 PM

(At CaterSource in VEGAS…or maybe it was The Special Event? Showroom floor demonstrations were fun!)


I guess this is the usual, obligatory year-in-review post.

In between the….

dozens of weddings,

hundreds of bouquets,

50,000 miles with Delta from coast to coast,

design show gigs & conferences,

being a mom to my 2 amazing girls,

being a wife to my my sexy smart spiritual superfantastic husband,

selling my studio location in Harrisburg,

looking for a NEW studio location,

and “doing my part to make your world more beautiful”,

I managed to crank out a few monthly YouTube videos for Mayesh.

I put together a YouTube channel where you can review the entire year, in order.

It was my fresh take on fantastic flowers. And it was my pleasure to be the Mayesh Design Star. My 2013 reign comes to a close. It is my hope that you were inspired and encouraged. That you approach flowers with awe, with curiosity, with possibility. I leave you with this: endeavor to surround yourself with beauty. Carry it in your heart. What you carry in your heart defines & directs your path.

I’ll carry the memories & lessons & joys of 2013 in my heart as well.

Enjoy the journey. And bring on 2014.

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  1. cyndi Israel 8 years ago | Reply

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement in 2013. Very much appreciated! Brightest blessings and peace for 2014!

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