Holiday Home Decorating



Another year of holiday home decorating is coming to a close for us. Its a big deal to us when we are invited into someone’s home to deck their halls. We start doing residential & commercial instillations right after Halloween. True story!

By now I have completely lost count of how many trees we have put up. It is usually more than 50, and I don’t count them unless they are 6 feet or taller.

I’ve also lost track of the lights. I don’t even want to know how many we have put up….or how many we have thrown away.

Taking a look back at this season & the many many many seasons before, I am so thankful to get to decorate so many homes for Christmas.

Every home is different. This particular home has a formal victorian styled parlor. We chose lots of texture but it works well since it is all very neutral.




The icy branches, the crystals, the pearls, the bling! Very opulent.



Trends come and go, but music themes will never go out of style for the holidays



And I am a stickler for GOOD high quality ribbon. Buy the best you can afford. You can use the good stuff for years if you care for it properly. Most ribbon is disposable garbage ribbon. And it drives me crazy! For outdoors, thats OK. For interiors, it should be great fabrics with fantastic detail.





Now that I have gotten all the halls decked for all my clients, its time for me to enjoy my own tree. (Maybe I’ll let you peek before Christmas)

So, as the song says “…and the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door”

I get just as excited about the holly on the doors of my client as I do my own.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m part elf?

Naaah, too tall.


Special thanks to Stephanie Susie photography for the great interior shots!

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