Trim the tree with….tulips?

I lost count of how many Christmas trees we decorated this year. Back in the day, I would keep track. It somehow seemed important & made me feel like I had really accomplished something. Now I just look at my hands and feel my joints ache. They tell the story of what has been accomplished well enough.



For this opulent home, we wanted to add another layer of wow factor, and as a flower lover, I am always inspired by fresh flowers. Putting them into an artificial tree seems somehow magical and over the top, extravagant & charming.IMG_7905

UCI has lovely glass orbs in many sizes, so I didn’t have to search far to find the perfect vessel. I added red silk dupioni ribbon loops to suspend the orbs, and filled them with just a bit of red crushed rock and water.IMG_7911


They look just lovely…the colors of red, the textures, the shine….


This would be a great gift for a friend or family member. Its something you wouldn’t necessarily do for yourself and is a thoughtful token for someone to who is difficult to buy for. IMG_7868

And what a great conversation piece for holiday parties, when friends & family gather around the tree! IMG_7859

If they are kept watered, they should last for a good week or so. You can use a turkey baster to add water as needed. These tulips came from Mayesh, of course!IMG_7857

So as Christmas approaches, promise me you’ll take a moment to sit down in peace & silence. To reflect on the blessings of the season, the birth of Christ. Whisper a prayer for family & friends. And always take time to stop & smell the flowers. Merry Christmas.

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