Drop in my shop!


I FINALLY found a new location to design & create & “do my part to make your world more beautiful”.

(Make that locations…plural. The ink isn’t dry on my studio location, so I can’t tell you about it just yet)

BUT what I CAN tell you is…..

I’m going to have a full service retail floral location.

……fresh & permanent botanicals & plants will be available for walk in & delivery.

……it’s in my tiny hometown of Norris City.

…..the location is 112 South Division.

…..hours will be 8-5, Monday-Friday and Saturday by chance or appointment.

…..we will be delivering bouquets, doing funeral flowers, birthdays and whatever other occasion you’d like to celebrate in White County & all surrounding counties.

….”decor~design~dwell” has always been  & will continue to be our mission.

….weddings have been & will continue to be a huge part of what we do.

….we will have lovely things for your home. Like really lovely things.

….we will be open by May 1 (just in time for Mothers Day!) Its possible we could open before then, but I’m the kind of gal that likes to underpromise and overdeliver.

For all my Saline County peeps, remember I’m just minutes from 141 so you can swing by on your way to & from Evansville. And we can deliver your way as well!

The name of the shop will just be my name, Jodi Duncan,. I have been doing business as just “Jodi Duncan” for the last few years. It seemed kinda silly to move back to my old stomping ground & come up with a new name.

Considering Norris City is where I went to school, graduated in 1990, and have been doing florals & decor within a 40 mile radius for the past 27 years, it just made sense to make my name the shop name.


‘Cause folks sorta know me here. And I like it here. My family is here. My friends are here. My church is here. My heart is here. I started here. And like they say “Sometimes right back where you started from is right where you belong”

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  1. Tracey 7 years ago | Reply

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see pictures of your new space.

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Thanks Tracey! I’m like a kid at Christmas….merchandising is my FAVORITE thing & something I have really missed about retail. I promise to share all the details.

  2. Jema 7 years ago | Reply

    That little girl in her Brownie uniform, after school everyday in Mitchell’s Flowers & Gifts…those were the days 🙂

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      That is where the seeds were planted. Its all your fault, momma. And its lovely. Muuuwah.

  3. Greg 7 years ago | Reply

    Yay…. Good luck Jodi …flowers are our gift you’ll do great!!

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Thanks Greg! I am super excited. I cannot wait to get started….I have missed retail terribly!

  4. Lisa 7 years ago | Reply

    Congratulations Jodi, I wish I was close so I could visit often.

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      I wish you could visit too!
      Oh, the fun we would have!

  5. Joyce Kemper 7 years ago | Reply

    Jodi, so very excited for you, and for your new endeavors! You will do very well here in Norris City! Also, I feel real honored to be sharing a corner of the city with you 😉 and just let it be known….there’s no place like Home!!! Congratulations Jodi !!! 😉

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Glad to be your neighbor. Thanks for your kind words & support & for welcoming me to the neighborhood!

  6. Jackie 7 years ago | Reply

    I am so so so excited to see what you have planned. I know there will be lots of ohhss and aahhs! Congratulations on your decision!

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      I am thrilled and so thankful for all the support. And I CANNOT WAIT to do Beccas wedding!

  7. Rick Canale 7 years ago | Reply

    That is great news !! So excited for you and thrilled that so many more people will be able to experience your gifts on such a personal and tangible venue.

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Thanks so much. I have really missed retail. I appreciate your support & your kind words! I hope its like riding a bike…its been awhile!

  8. Rhonda Sutton Forston 7 years ago | Reply

    I’m just glad that something WONDERFUL has come into our old building! I hope you like being there as much as we did…AND it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from Mimmo’s, Doug’s, and the Cardinal.

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Rhonda, that means so much. And being close to FOOD is always a big plus for me. I was between Mackies & Pizza Hut for 14 years in Harrisburg, so I feel right at home. For that reason and many others….but mostly its people like you that are making this adventure so great.

  9. Judy Varner 7 years ago | Reply

    Can’t wait to enjoy your creations again…
    I have one sitting on my dining room table
    now…and think of you often!

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Judy! So great to hear from you! That means so much….it might be time for a new bouquet so I’ll be looking for you! Hug Jamie Beth for me…you know I love her so.

  10. Lisa Alexander 7 years ago | Reply

    “…give me a front porch, a tin roof and a gravel road. It feels like home to me…I feel no shame, I’m proud of where I came from. I was born and raised in the boondocks!” I like big, full circles! Love you, my perennial friend!!

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Love you too La-La….you have to sing that to me next time I see you. XOXO

  11. Debbie 7 years ago | Reply

    Welcome back! Congrats on your new venture! Norris City will blessed to have you there!

    • jodiduncan 7 years ago | Reply

      Thanks Debbie for your kind words. I really appreciate your support!

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