What wedding flowers really cost

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Recently I came across a brilliant post from www.weddingaces.com.

It was with regards to pricing wedding flowers.

Putting a pricetag on Pinterest stuff & photoshoots gets to be a drag after a while.

When there is a gap between budget & expectation, disappointment is sure to follow. I am not in the habit of disappointing my clients so we have some pretty straighforward conversations.

I want my brides to understand the associated expenses with the costs attached to the pictures I’m shown.

I can do all those beautiful things in all those lovely pictures, but recently I had to inform a bride that the cost of draping fabric like the picture that she had was more than her entire budget.  Those conversations are not fun for me or for brides, so maybe this article will help.

The post was written by Holly Chapple, and she is very smart & very talented. More about her here at www.hollychapple.com

And pretty, pretty, pretty please….. Check out the details of the article here! 


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