Golden Doodle goes to work

It’s national “Take Your Golden Doodle To Work” day.

Actually, it’s not. I just did because Fergus is going to the groomer across the street. His hair is unruly (it runs in the family) & this humidity is too much for man or beast.

He is drinking from an 8″ glass compote (designer dog that he is) and this whole day makes me grateful to be doing life in a small town, where I can walk to get antiques, a fresh made sub, a pizza, groceries, a hardware store (where I have a house account) and massage! (Joyce has glory in her hands) There are hairstylists galore (love having the ladies drop in fresh from the salon) and the parents of old friends, former teachers, kids after school, a bunch of people that love Jesus & act like it & do the stuff to bring life & hope & help.

So here I am, “doing my part to make your world more beautiful”, delivering fresh flowers & goodwill, while the gal across the street is doing her part to my my DOG more beautiful, and I couldn’t be more thankful.


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