What a blast!

….and just like that, summer was over. Busses are running, school supplies spill out into the aisle of every store, our children are back. In. School. That familiar rhythm returns to find us sun-bleached, and perhaps a bit sad. “Back-to-school” is an event that causes us to pause, if only to purge the clothing from our children’s closets, taking on one season for another. It’s a familiar routine, you’d think it should get easier & more predictable, yet I am always ALWAYS shocked by it. Go figure.

So this summer FLEW by. I mean FLEW. Lets take a few days to review all the cool stuff that happened.

First of all, THIS happened:


What’s a girl to do when she gets married of the 5th of July?

Whatever she wants!

The mother of the bride decided she wanted to surprise the couple with a special wedding gift & wanted my help. Would it be possible to pull off fireworks during the reception, as a complete surprise?

Well anything is possible, and I rarely turn down a challenge.

This. Was. A. Challenge.

Easily, this was one of THE most difficult things I have ever executed for a wedding client. Hands down.

Special thanks to http://www.rachelmathewphotography.com/ for this amazing shot.   Just a simple firework shot, right? Not so fast. So much went in to making this happen…..unbelievable, unimaginable feats of sheer will, teeth gritting & nail biting. At the end of the day, we had a very surprised couple and 250 surprised guests.

We did it. Hurdle after hurdle (city council meeting, county & city fire department, state fire marshall, department of Homeland Security (NOT kidding) we jumped and jumped and THEN we jumped for joy when it actually HAPPENED.

As the fireworks burst through the dark sky above, I burst into tears. “It REALLY happened! It REALLY happened!” I said out loud, to no one in particular.

Sometimes life is just like that; you work and work and work and work, and then one day….BOOM. There it is. Perseverance pays off in the end. Every time.



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