Nothing Without Joy

Maria Montessori, the great pioneer of children’s education once proclaimed “Nothing without joy”

I concur.

When I forget how to laugh, often I’ll turn to humor for a little help. One of my favorite things to do when I lose my laugh is to listen to comedy on Pandora. I’ve learned to turn my attention elsewhere when I find myself getting a little too impressed with darkness. I take purposeful moments to turn my attention from stuff that freaks me out. I know this approach —-and a few other secrets 😉 —keeps me sound, sane & moving forward.

Recently, we have lost two huge voices of laughter. They possessed different methods & deliveries, but brought us joy just the same. I’m not speaking to anyone’s moral fiber, just observing the gifting. Laughter is indeed a gift. And we need laughter. It is an important ingredient to a rather grand recipe.

The world has some legit-for-real-super-scary-stuff happening right now. Let’s take ISIS for example. (By the way, what is UP with them? The Taliban is just SO last-year? So this is keeping up with the Jones’, Arab style? They just HAD to show up and say “Y’all just THOUGHT you were bad, but we’re taking it up a notch…hide & watch how to REALLY do bad….WE are the NEW trendy terrorists on the block” ?!?)

ISIS is terrible. I don’t understand how they got this way. Maybe no one ever sent them flowers or celebrated their birthday or gave them a hug. They are Lousy Humans committing horrific acts. You know what else was horrific? Slavery. The treatment of American Indians, and child labor in the industrial revolution. The Holocaust. Perspective. Hmmmm.

Funny how we think darkness is somehow getting darker (How is that possible? As if there were degrees of dark?) We presume that today’s latest, greatest trendy darkness is more vile than those segments of history. Selah.

Here’s the deal:

Life is not always joy-filled. Sometimes it’s crap-filled. This life isn’t perfect but I think the next one will be. Heaven promises that. On this side of life, sometimes you have to dig DEEP to hit joy. Sometimes we must turn the soil of our mind & heart over & over until we find joy, even if it’s cloaked in irony & absurdity. So brush off the dirt & laugh. Promise me you’ll never pass up an opportunity to giggle. Or at least muster a smile. Sometimes it’s merely a speck of a smile, a tiny sparkle, a crusty crumb, just a smidge. But it’s enough.


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