It’s Bosses Day! = Thursday the 16th


This thought just occurred to me today:

I wonder if they planned Bosses Day for the first day after the income tax extension on purpose? Small business owners who are self-employed & procrastinate about doing their taxes  and need to file an extension due to their wildly successful ventures are extra grumpy after mailing their income tax. Or so I’ve heard.

Anyhooooo, tomorrow is Bosses Day. I know you’ve not thought about it and that’s totally OK ’cause we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got snack, junk candy and fruit baskets ready to roll, balloons, our world-famous Southern Illinois Soap, plants, permanent botanicals, art, home accessories and interior decor, fresh flowers, jewelry & gift certificates.

Stop in–we are here from 10:30-6 and we answer our phones after hours. Our number is easy to remember 379-9999…its easier to remember than Bosses Day!

Since I’m the boss, does that mean I get to take tomorrow off…..?

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