Christmas Clasics

I’ve been decorating homes for Christmas for more than 20 years. The trends come & go but glass balls have been a staple for decades. The oldies but goodies are my favorite:


One of my clients has a significant amount of vintage glass ornaments. It takes 2 of us 4 hours JUST TO HANG THE ORNAMENTS. They are in such great condition because they are stored in this contraption:


So everything gets placed on a 8 1/2 foot fir/spruce mix. I added in flat cedar picks to soften it as well as add depth. It makes a huge difference. This tree is prelit with colored lights.


The ribbon is high end double faced satin & grosgrain. It’s always good to invest in the best ribbon you can afford as it can be used again and again. You can fuggetaboutit with that cheapo ribbon. One use & done! I like the sag & swoop of the soft fabric ribbon. It’s consistent with the age of the ornaments & theme of the room.


I also added ivory berries to pull from the furnishings in the rest of the room & repeat the color element that’s happening.


It’s a lovely tree but even more lovely in the dark. The glass reflects the light, magnifying the effect of shimmer & shine. I love when light shines in darkness.


What fun to see my client respond to this tree. It holds special memories & I’m blessed to be a part of that for so many homes this season. Not many people have this amount of the old “shiny brite” The amount & condition is exceptional. I’m just as impressed with the boxes, WW II era. It’s a sight to behold!

I’ve got just a few more “before Thanksgiving” clients to decorate. I have a few (not nearly as many) after Thanksgiving. When I get them all done, I’m looking into that “long winters nap” thing.

In the meantime, I’ll drink a lot of nespresso, sing a lot of carols & be greateful for the best job & the best clients. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

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