I need your keys!

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I’ve got a project. (Don’t I ALWAYS?!?)

The AIFD Southern Chapter has invited me to be a part of their Spring Symposium, “Botanical Bliss”.  I am doing a program on merchandising & marketing sponsored by my friends at Design Master and Florabundance (and a few players to be named later.) This blissful weekend will be April 10-12 and you wont want to miss @J Schwanke of UBloom fame, the ever luminous Stacey Carlton AIFD, the highly talented Michael Derouin AIFD, the ever yummylicious Jim Watkins of Steel City Pops. And me.

And I’ve got a big favor to ask…..I need your keys. Not the ones to your house or your car (unless you are feeling generous, in which case, I thank you from the bottom of my heart)  What I really need is your old keys–the ones in your junk drawer, the ones in that coffee can in the garage, those on your keychain from heaven only knows where.

Not only do I need YOUR keys, I need your friends keys, your grandmas keys, your neighbors keys. I need keys. Heaps and piles and gobs of keys. If its a key, I want it. I need it. I’ve got to have it.


Well, they are going with me to Birmingham, Alabama to be used in a floral art presentation. I’ve got big plans for your old keys, and the sooner I can get my hands on them, the better. Keys are a not-so-secret ingredient to my presentation. And if you give me keys, you’ll be a part of a super cool thing! I plan to list the names of people who gave keys, so this is YOUR chance to be Famous In Birmingham!

You can drop them off on my porch at the shop (for those of you who have been doing so already, THANK YOU!) And if you aren’t near Norris City, thats ok—you can mail them to:

Jodi Duncan Designs

112 South Division

Norris City, IL 62869


Here’s the video:  ( I really dig the happy music)


And here is a link for the brochure:


Grab your pearls and your keys and meet me in Birmingham!

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