Order NOW for your Valentine!

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Fellas, you’ve got until Saturday at 2:00 to order early for your Valentine.

“But JODI…..Valentines Day isn’t until the 14th? I’ve got PLENTY of time!”

Not if you want to win free flowers for a YEAR!

That’s right…..everybody that orders by the end of January gets entered to win free flowers for a year!

Spend 40.00 (or more!) for a local delivery and be entered to win. Its that simple. And you won’t be waiting till the last minute like ALLL THOSE OTHER GUYS WHO WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE….

Plus, if you win, free flowers for a YEAR!

You’ve got a pretty good chance of WINNING….’cause you know ALL THOSE OTHER GUYS WILL WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

So don’t be that guy. You know the one. THE ONE WHO WAITS UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. Order early. You might win a year’s worth of free flowers. You’re welcome.

618-379-9999. Add us to your ‘favorites’. Put us on ‘speed dial’. You’ll be glad you did.

Saturday is The. Last. Day. for this contest. So get with it already!

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