A dozen roses

In 10 days, it’s Valentines Day. The one holiday where you could be in big trouble if you don’t show up with flowers. I’m pretty sure the folks who make tennis shoes, blenders & guitars wish THEY had a holiday that demanded their products! (Imagine being headed for the doghouse if you come home without a blender….)

So there are oodles & gobs of flowers out there besides roses, but try telling that to the guy standing before you at closing time in a flower shop. Decisions! Decisions!

Just for fun, I thought I would gather opinions on a dozen roses. I took two pictures of two very different sizes & styles of the exact same rose. Which one would you rather receive?



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  1. Alisha Sims 6 years ago | Reply

    I’m all about those long stem roses! So beautiful!

  2. Katie 6 years ago | Reply

    I love the second choice 🙂 … reminds me of a miniature bed of roses

  3. Jeanne 6 years ago | Reply

    Around here, it’s long stemmed or nothing….a wise fellow Florist once told me “The stem don’t cost ya a dime.”..She would wince at cutting roses short, or any flower for that matter…Around this area they see value in size…fun to do a Pave’ arrangement here and there, and we’ve tried to push them…..but our customers will always take the bigger bouquet for their money.

  4. Pam Poston 6 years ago | Reply

    Both are beautiful but I like the long stem the best.

  5. Meredith Lamp 6 years ago | Reply

    They are both beautiful but I prefer those long stem roses!!!

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