So my first Valentine’s Day owning a shop after 14 years as a freelance designer is over.

It was successful & I am so thankful for customers new & old. At the risk of losing florist friends, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day (or “Valloween” as its called by some) I think it’s fun to help choose the perfect gift! There are challenges, without a doubt, but my customers were sweet & lovely & I enjoyed helping all of them.

The big news this year is the runaway viral post about ProFlowers. With 1,172 SHARES and nearly the same amount of likes, I am once again amazed by the power of social media & compelling content. Here’s hoping this year that a few more people learn the value of shopping local with mom & pop shops, buying from real designers instead of online “florists” with hidden charges & broken promises (and flowers) Reading the posts by disgruntled people on the pages of the big shippers is harrowing. So many complaints! It makes me sad.

So it was a viral Valentine’s Day for me. Filled with beautiful flowers, wonderful customers & a warm fuzzy feeling that maybe, just maybe, I helped a few people realize the pitfalls of buying flowers online & the importance of a brick & mortar shop.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day was full of love. And flowers are nice, too.



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