ProFlowers vs. No Flowers

I spouted off on facebook yesterday, just out of the blue.

And then this happened:


Guess I struck a nerve. I’m not sure what the official definition of “viral” is, but this is as close as I’ve ever come. 231 SHARES? That’s not likes. Thats SHARES. 231 people shared this info with their friends, who shared it with their friends….and so on & so forth.

That’s pretty powerful & very exciting that consumers are educating themselves about the best ways to buy flowers.

My intention was (IS!) this: I want EVERY encounter you have with flowers to be a good one. If you are buying them for someone else, yourself, a friend, OR if you are receiving flowers—doesn’t matter. Every floral encounter you have should be positive. When that encounter is compromised through stupidity, greed, misrepresentation, whatever, I get hacked off. So I took it upon myself to set the record straight.

In my circle of influence, it seems to have worked. I imagine more than one person might have closed that tab on their computer & ordered local, where real hands and real brick & mortar stores exist. The stores that support your school, your Girl Scouts & little league, the store that donates to your fundraisers, banquets, 5ks & mission trips & homeless shelters & soup kitchens & charity barbeques & pet rescues. These are the stores that pay taxes & support the local economy. These are the stores with talent, heart & courage that go the extra mile to make sure your bouquet is handled with care AND flair.

I want flowers to always ALWAYS be on your list of gift giving options. I want you to feel good about your choice to buy flowers when you have lots of other choices. Flowers transform the space between your ears. They transform the space where you dwell. They are delicate yet powerful. Beautiful & humble & lovely. They communicate emotion. They carry a message. And they are just downright cool.

That Valentine’s clock is ticking. You’ve got 3 days! Your local florist is ready for your call! Or just stop in to simply smell the flowers. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Jenny Thomasson 6 years ago | Reply

    Beautifully written Jodi!! I am so grateful to know you and envy that fire inside of you. Shine bright my dear, you rock!!!


  2. Crystal 6 years ago | Reply

    I can personally attest to how right you are!!

    My s.o. was so MAD about my dead, limp, tiny 1-800 flowers that he called and demanded a refund and immediately had a local company deliver me the most GORGEOUS flowers.

    Just don’t do it. Jodi knows her stuff!

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