I’m more than a floral designer, home and wedding stylist.

I love to cook, and  I cook simply. Please understand that I’m not a gourmet or a culinary genius, I just like cooking for my family

And now at long last, I have a newly renovated kitchen (and house!)

This is the nicest kitchen I’ve ever had in my whole life, and I can’t stop cooking.

After a yummy facebook post yesterday, I was inundated with recipe requests.

We love to eat at Bonefish Grill—I am not a fan of food chains AT ALL—but I love Bonefish.

I have so many favorites on their menu, but we always get the Bang Bang shrimp appetizer.

As I have experimented to copy this recipe, I think the trick is in the corn starch. Thats what gives the light breading & texture that we love.

Here’s the recipe to go with the picture that I posted.


1 lb of peeled, deveined shrimp, shelled (and tails off!)

1/2 c mayo (NOT miracle whip. NO.)

1/4 + Thai sweet chili sauce(I’ve found some brands are too sweet–Williams & Sonoma or Thai are good–Panda Express too sweet for me)

3-6 drops hot chili sauce

dash(ish) of ground red pepper

romaine lettuce 1-2 heads

cooking oil of your choice (I use canola in an iron skillet, about an inch deep.)

Mix mayo, sweet chili and seasonings together in small bowl. Set aside.

Wash shrimp, dredge through corn starch and drop in hot oil. Test the temp with a small drop of water….when it pops & sizzles you are ready to fry your shrimp. Do not over cook–just fry until grey is gone. Do not overfill the pan—it will lower the temperature of the oil and the shrimp won’t be nice and crisp. Do in small batches and scoop out to drain in a paper towel.

After the shrimp are drained, arrange them on a chopped bed of lettuce and pour/dollop the sauce onto the shrimp. You can also serve on the side.

Now for the floral pairing—what goes best with bang bang shrimp?

I’m thinking “caramel antike” roses or perhaps  “free spirit”?

I’m also thinking a book might be in the works…I kind of like the title FLOWER+flour!


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