Summahtime! (and the livin’ is easy)



Happy summer everyone!

With the warmer days & longer nights come adjustments for all of us in routine and activity. I am no exception!

I am changing my hours for the summer….Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you can reach me by phone or appointment, Thursday and Friday we are open from 10-5 and Saturday 10-2.

I will always answer the phone and be able to take flower orders and other requests every day of the week, so don’t worry!

I have so many fantastic projects on my calendar for this summer….wannna see my list! (Not necessarily in order of importance…)

3 interiors to design & stage (not including my own just-moved-into-house….wheee!)

Weddings! and consultations about weddings, and styling weddings, and planning weddings

Re-organizing my shop (I still need more space…!)

Design show requests /consultations

Catching fireflies with Macy Kate

Taking a nap (hence, the hammock….see how my head is on the pillow? We will see how that works out…)


Trying to find all the stuff that has been packed up from the renovation and move FIVE YEARS AGO…ugh

Writing a book

cooking in my fabulous amazing new kitchen

reading a book from cover to cover

going on a family vacation….we’ve missed 2 spring break trips now and its a bad trend I don’t like

figuring out how to make Norris City a great place to do life for the community

Doing creative design projects that have never made it past my journal

Deciding on some sort of exercise that I won’t hate and might actually sustain

Hanging out with my nephews, my girls, and my 79 year old aunt that we just moved here after a lifetime in Chicago

Being ridiculously creative & well paid for it

Taking day trips with friends

taking Evie to every volleyball camp she can find

Going to market to procure treasures for my home clients and Christmas clients

So, the list is long and lovely and I had to readjust my hours at the shop to make it all happen.

Do you think I can make it all happen?!?

Hide and watch and have a GREAT summer!

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