Tales of a TED Talk

Suitable For Framing...
Suitable For Framing…


As 2015 draws to a close, checking things off your “bucket list”  is always a good thing. I’ve always wanted to give a TED talk, and in October, I got to do just that.

After all the auditions & rehearsals and drafts and practices, the big day came. In case you didn’t get to watch it live, the link is below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.34.07 AM

I named my talk “flowerpowered”.  The basic premise is this:  what happens when you transform an environment with flowers. It is something I experience everyday. Sometimes its on a very personal level, with a flower on my lapel. Other times it happens for a celebration like a wedding or in seasons of sorrow. Sometimes it comes in the form of styling a home or interior.  For my TED talk, it was on a large scale in the form of guerilla art in Evansville Indiana in the arts district near downtown. No matter the place or the space, in commercial applications or home environments, for special occasions or no occasion, flowers change things.

So now what? What happens on the other side of ever-exploring and discovering what it means to be #flowerpowered?

I’m considering the possibilities.

What if I took a campaign on the road, to local florists across the country? They could research locations for instillations, and we could launch a floral exhibit. Complete with hashtags to direct traffic back to their shops. Perhaps get a local wholesale house to sponsor a design show, and showcase the results of how people respond to floral art in public places. I could take what I have experienced and help others successfully launch their very own guerilla floral art. OR??? Whats next? Stay tuned!

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