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It can be a scary time of year. The pressure is on for the perfect gift. She says she doesn’t want anything….do you believe her? And what does she really want?

I’m terribly biased. I think she wants flowers. Expertly arranged, no less. And there are lots and lots of people who are happy to do that for you.  I am only one of many.

But BEWARE! I sometimes call Valentines Day VALLOWEEN! (See what I did there? Valentines Day + Halloween = VALLOWEEN)

There are SPOOKY people that pretend to be florists. They are not. They are people who sit in a cubicle and add on this fee and that fee and another fee, then they put your flowers in a box. These people cant even see or smell what they are selling. Avoid these people. These are people who advertise a very low price, but fail to mention that does not include a vase, care and handling, shipping and handling. By the time you incur all their fees, you could have gotten a great bouquet from that shop across town. Not flowers that are sitting in a box in the freezing cold by your front door.

Then when your special someone gets home, you have now added something to her “to do” list. She now gets to arrange her own flowers. She will be sure to do that, as soon as she picks up the kids from practice, puts dinner on, folds your socks & scrubs the toilet. You sweet thing, you….sending flowers in a box. What will you think of next? I know! Tell her you are taking her out to dinner, only pull up at the grocery store and tell her “well it WILL be dinner as soon as you get done cooking it”….(let me know how that works out for you…..I’ll be around next week to do your casket spray….)

I’m just trying to save you some disappointment and a trip to the doghouse.

I’m also trying to save your local florist. You know the one…the place where you sell girl scout cookies, the one who donates to all the school activities. You know the one who gives donations to little league and pays taxes and supports your hometown.

Those guys who sell flowers in boxes don’t do that. They don’t donate stuff to your raffles & fundraisers.

Real florists do. Show them some love.

Call a real florist, even if its not me.

And for heavens sake, have a fantastic Valentines Day. I’m rooting for you, and I am rooting for FLOWERS!

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