Curated Collection


A collection I curated for a client who loves navy, travel & horses (not necessarily in that order)


Curated decor…what does that even mean? Curated? Pronounced “cure-rated” You mean… you cure stuff? Or is it like a movie rating?

The dictionary says it means “to select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.”

According to data, the word curated wasn’t even popular until the early 80’s. It has entered our modern vernacular with regards to collections, arts, fashion and retail.

For me, my understanding of “curated” means I assess the needs of the client.

I ask all sorts of questions….

How do they live? What spaces do they love (or loathe?)  What works for their family and how they do life?  What needs to happen in this space? What does it need to look like? What suits their personality & would feel good to them? What problems can I solve? How can I make them enjoy the spaces where they dwell? What will make them smile when they look at it? What needs to come into this space? What needs to leave this space?

Once I can get a feel for the climate and budget of their home and expectation, I set to work finding things that suit them. Designing a space that they love to live in. That means finding just the right colors, lighting, rugs, art, window treatments, furniture, fabric, accessories, little fun stuff to sit around and make them smile.

Then I order it with their approval. Then I bring it in and set it up. My favorite thing is to set the room when they are not home so there is a ‘reveal’. (just like on TV…but without moving a bus or a huge picture on wheels!) And then they are so happy and excited about THEIR house and THEIR stuff.

And then they say “How did you know? This feels like me!” And I always tell them “…this is who you are, I just helped you discover it. It was there all along.”

And then they cry or laugh or whatever.  And I cry or laugh or whatever too, because it’s our joy & delight to “do our part to make your world more beautiful”

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