What’s HYGGE


When I first heard the word HYGGE, I immediately thought of HAGGIS, the Scottish dish that my friend Alison Bradley had warned me about.

Fortunately, HYGGE is much more pleasant than pudding made from sheep parts.

It seems Scandinavian decorating trends are all the rage these days.  (Sheep pudding, not so much.)

HYGGE is a Danish term that evokes coziness.  What a great bandwagon to jump on!

It’s a wagon filled with knits, fleece, candles, mulled wine, warm teas, soft pillows and fur.

On bleak January days, we could all use a little more cozy.  After we watch the news, we definitely need some cozy. After a long day at work, we deserve a little cozy.

Now that the tree and all the Christmas is put away, the house might be looking a bit empty and lonely.

Give us a call….we know HYGGE and we would love to introduce it to your dwelling. We make house calls. We know cozy!


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