Saving The Day


We’ve always said we are “Doing our part to make your world more beautiful” and it’s true.

Sometimes beauty is not just an aesthetic, sometimes it is a thoughtful gesture in a time of crisis. Beauty lies in actions as well as styling a wedding, or a home. It’s a beautiful thing to give our clients a great experience, no matter what comes their way.

Tonight at rehearsal I could tell my MOB was not herself. (MOB=Mother of the Bride, for all you non wedding professionals out there!)

MOB took me aside to share the disappointing news that “Nan” was admitted to the hospital today. Now, it’s very important that you understand that Nan is very, VERY important to my bride and her mother. Every time we have met to plan this wedding, they have told me about Nan, how much I would love Nan, how much Nan would love me. Every single time. So I know that Nan is a big deal to my client. Therefore, Nan is now a big deal to me.

This situation has broken the hearts of my bride and her mom. They are so sad & disappointed. This is NOT how this whole wedding was supposed to go down. This was totally out of the blue. For Nan to miss the wedding is unthinkable. For bride and mom to go through the day without Nan? Now what?

This is the part where heaven whispers in my heart “Find them a videographer, stat”.

When I book a bride I always give them my “dream team” list of vendors, which ALWAYS includes videography.  It’s very important to capture the day in video and something I always recommend. In this case, it wasn’t something they wanted.

Under these circumstances, I suspected they might change their minds about videography.  I was correct. Nan is in the hospital when she is supposed to be sitting in the second row in a gold satin chair cover. At least with a video, she can relive the whole day from the best seat in the house. Anytime she wants. Every day if she wants.

I found a local videographer with NOTHING booked for tomorrow, who was more than willing to come and save the day.

Still, it won’t be the same without “Nan”.

We will be making different memories of the wedding for this family. Nan won’t get to sit at the reception and eat cake and dance.  But at least now, she will get to watch. It will be the closest thing to reliving the wedding day.  Now that we have a videographer, at least Nan can see her sweet beautiful granddaughter go down the aisle. And so much more.

Soon, they can all sit down together and relive the big day. This wasn’t how we planned it. (and trust me, we have planned every last detail!)  No matter; we are going to make sure this wedding is as memorable and meaningful as possible.

I’ll be saving three bags of popcorn from the popcorn bar. These amazing women have a great movie to watch.

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