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Happy January! This is the obligatory month of new…new presents to try out…new resolutions…new to-do lists…new approaches to old constraints. New answers to old questions. New solutions for old problems.

I am excited about the “new” in my life. There is a long list of NEWs to share. One of the first things is my NEW office!

I have been working out of a wee tiny little nook/nest for a few years now. How does someone with such big hair work in a small space? Good question. I need a REAL office (stay tuned for the “WHY DOES JODI NEED A NEW OFFICE…also known as *WDJNANO*….I shall reveal all in due time!)

When carving out a new space for my office, biggest criteria is style. I know it has to be functional, but it had better be a nifty place to sit, now that I am sitting much more than standing. (enter *WDJNANO* “Why does Jodi need a new office?”)

I have been asked what my inspiration was for my new office elements….it is Hemingway-esque by some accounts….cigar lounge by others.

To be honest, I don’t know what my inspiration was. I just pulled together elements I enjoy. End of story. Total gut decisions.

With client projects I will sketch and make inspiration boards and think about it from every angle. Not for this office. This was gut level intuitive. The only person I had to please was me. (and probably Steve)

Everyone (even the FedEX guy!) is LOVING my shutters. Here is the backstory. For 10 years, maybe longer, I have wanted to do a room, completely walled, with big shutters. Old shutters. One problem. Its almost impossible to find the quantity I wanted….it only took me APPROXIMATELY TEN YEARS.

Last week on a whim, I happened to look on Facebook Marketplace, and low and behold, there were my shutters in central Indiana. Faster than you can say ROAD TRIP I was off to gather my stack of shutters.

My fabulous husband hung them all up for me after a few questions:

Can we paint them? NO.

Can we use the “nice” side? NO.

Can I at least clean them? Knock yourself out.

So the shutters are up. I’m kind of in love. With my husband AND my shutters.

You’ll notice my “What Do You Do With An Idea” prominently displayed.

That’s kind of the driving force behind the office. The Idea needed an office. Enter once again, *WDJNANO* “Why does Jodi need a new office?”)

Special thanks to a special friend for the book. You know who you are. And I still cry every time I read it.

And special thanks to author Kobi Yamada (he has local ties to Gallatin County!) for putting on paper what I know in my heart.

If I ever get to meet him, I will probably cry even more.


(Lest you get the wrong idea, I am not a cry-er. One of my (MANY) nicknames is “The Duncanator” So just keep that in mind, people! (Crushes can on forehead..flexes muscles for emphasis…ahem…)

Stay tuned for the full reveal. Waiting on wallpaper & a desk and a few minor details but some things are worth waiting for. Like shutters.

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