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Welcome to the days of “Facebook Official”

We wanted to let you all know that our location in Norris City on Division for going on 5 years is migrating across the street.

Long ago we outgrew this space at 112, but we were not sure what to do about it.  Since Puppy Luv closed their dog grooming business, that space became available. We are excited & blessed that the Roper’s have made their space available to us. You have no idea how we are looking forward to working in a space that is a much better fit.

We will be doing some work to the building(s) at 107 South Division in the coming weeks (and MONTHS!) We hope to open June 1st. And as of June 1, we will no longer occupy 112 or 118 South Division.

As you see us crossing the street, carrying stuff back and forth about a jillion times between now and May 31, please honk and wave and give us a thumbs up.  We certainly need the encouragement. If you are inclined to lend a hand, help us move, feed us, pray for us, or pat us on the head, that would be OK too.

It will be nice to be “neighbors” with our sister store, Knot Your Stuff, our prop and wedding rental business.

We are not changing what we do, we are only refining the way we do it. And we are changing the space we do it from.

Some of you know me. You’d agree that I have never fit in a box. Ever. Jodi Duncan Designs is a multi faceted, multi passionate brand. We are growing exponentially.

Yes, we have many glorious pursuits. They include creative projects….. for homes, for brides, for homeowners, for businesses. It’s all work that we love. It is intuitive. Spiritual. Helpful. We love solving problems, not creating them. Doing our part to make your world more beautiful is our tagline and mission and core value.

With the expansion, our hours will now be “by chance or appointment”.  The people who really want us will hunt us down like dogs. And those are our favorite kind of people to work with anyway! Ruff.

Here’s how it works:  If you see us in the window, we are open. If you don’t we are closed. If you call and we answer, we are open. Remember Olsen’s Mercantile from Little House on the Prairie? It’s kind of like that. Except we don’t sell eggs. And Steve is cuter and taller than Nells. And I am nicer than Harriet. (Maybe.) We are there, unless we aren’t. So call or text or send us a message first, or you will be leaving nose prints on our front window.


-Are you still doing fresh flowers? Yes, if you give us a few days notice. We won’t be keeping a huge inventory, but with advance notice, we can get anything your little heart desires.

-What about custom silk/permanent botanicals?  This is another one of our favorite things. We custom design for you. And we won’t let you keep it unless you love it. You have to take it home and try it out. IF you are in love with it and over the moon, we let you pay for it. If not, bring it back and we take another whack at it.

-What about weddings? Absolutely! If they fit into our calendar and basic minimums, then we’d love to design, decorate and direct Your Big Day and add you to our list of hundreds and hundreds of happy brides.

-What if I just want to rent your decor and props and do my own flowers? Then KNOT YOUR STUFF is the place for you. If you are a DIY bride, decorating enthusiast, or a floral professional you are welcome to rent our stuff.

And home styling? Interiors?  Yep! Yep! That is one of our favorite things. We love styling homes, picking out the furniture, paint, floor plans and making your spaces special places that you love to dwell. We work with what you have, add new if necessary, and infuse homes with savvy style.

AND you have a digital marketing agency? Yep. Socialjodi. And we love it. It’s our New Favorite Thing. Managing social media, our coaching programs and offering marketing packages for our ever growing client list is a new and exciting element of our growth. We got bored telling our own story and thought it would be fun to help other companies tell theirs. And guess what? We are really good at it.

-I heard you were also putting a location in Evansville?  Yeah, from your lips to God’s ears.

We have been on the brink of several super cool opportunities in really nifty spots, but they seem to fall apart like a $3 suitcase once we get any traction. Which is super annoying. But it’s ok.  Timing is everything. And maybe, just maybe, Jesus thinks I’m not supposed to do it. My heart has a way of listening and figuring it out. So we will just have to see what heaven has in mind. I am open to suggestions. Always.

And don’t worry. It won’t be “either-or” but both. I’ll be like Truvy’s salon in “Steel Magnolias” where Dolly Parton says “I’m a CHAIN!” Except don’t ask me to do your hair. I can’t even manage my own.

Through it all we are relentless and persistent and patient and have a tremendous amount of perseverance. We are also prudent. I haven’t been self employed for nearly 27 years because I am stupid. Or flighty. Or because I have a trust fund. It is the sheer grace of God + some guts + some hustle + some talent that makes me sing “I’m Still Standing” in a manner that would make Elton John jealous.

Mix all of that together with the loyal customers and clients who trust me with their homes and businesses, their interiors and weddings, their plans and ideas, and it makes for a wonderful life.  I am fortunate to love my work. All of it. I wake up every day and ask myself what I can do to solve problems for clients. How I can serve them? How can I make their lives more pleasant? How can I make their lives more beautiful? How can I deliver results that improve the quality of their day? That is the art of life, that is what drives me, and it is my oxygen.

Steve and I will now be breathing that oxygen at 107. We will be delivering the same excellent level of service and beauty that you know us for. Be patient with us during the transition. Send food & prayers & good thoughts, for there are great things on our horizon. And we will keep breathing big deep breaths, with hearts full of expectation & excitement & gratefulness.

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