Boxwood Cross

If you missed the boxwood cross tutorial, check out the video above.

To make the cross, all you will need:

  • 2 limbs from the yard or 2 pieces of wood. One long, one shorter, depending on how big you want your cross to be. Any sturdy limb will do…but not too thick or too old and brittle. A diameter of 1-2″ should be sufficient.
  • Boxwood cuttings. Fresh from the bush with established growth is best. (The new lighter green soft growth is quick to wilt, even in a temperate climate.)
  • Twine or wire. I used twine because my stash of paddle wire is running low. And because twine or rope or jute or string is biodegradable. So yay for sustainability! And using what you have on hand.

Be sure to wrap your bundles very tightly. As the boxwood dries, it will shrink. Pull tight and fasten securely! You don’t want those pieces falling off or slipping to the back. The tighter you can fasten them, the better.

Wire, twine, rope, heck use shoelaces. Whatever you have on hand that you can use to tie on boxwood securely will work. Take some time when you are finished to do some contemplative reading. I am finding particular comfort and encouragement from Henri Nouwen. Even though “Clowning in Rome” was written in 1979, his words resonate in today’s new strange world.

I think it might need ribbon. Hmmmm….I shall add some! I have a HUGE stash. Some people hoard ribbon…some of us…craft and creative supplies.

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