Watercress, Tomato & Bacon. My G rated version of WTF and a heck of alot yummier too.

The ONLY reason I have watercress is because my sweet neighbor grows it in the nearby spring-fed creek. So don’t go thinking I am fancy. I foraged it from the woods for free. I felt very “Survivor/Doomsday Prepper/ Little House on the Prairie” esque. If Olson’s Mercantile was nearby, it might be a good time to grab a basket and see what a fistful of Watercress is going for in Walnut Grove. Then I’d give the money to my neighbor because it’s their Watercress, and it is the right thing to do.

Anyhoo, find simple pleasures every day and create spaces and rituals and moments. You are in charge of your head & heart space, regardless of the physical space we find ourselves living in.

I put my WTB sammy on a flower plate and went to sit outside in the sunshine. And that is good. So there coronavirus.

From top, clockwise. Fragrant viburnum, Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms, Tomatoes, WTB sammy. And candle from Park Hill Collection. Plate from Dillards, many moons ago when we were allowed to shop & touch things. Remember the good old days?

As for the mushrooms, they were 8 oz of Baby Bella stuffed with 1/2 block of creme cheese and some garlic salt and some rosemary, then baked in the oven until they are nicely browned and melted. Simplicity.

Create beautiful simplicity for yourself & who you live with. It’s vital in these days. And you deserve it. Carve it out for yourself & take control of your atmosphere and environments, with music, good food, creativity, prayer & meditation. And shenanigans. I highly recommend shenanigans…its fun to say and spell. And because laughter.

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