Nothing Without Joy

Maria Montessori, the great pioneer of children’s education once proclaimed “Nothing without joy”

I concur.

When I forget how to laugh, often I’ll turn to humor for a little help. One of my favorite things to do when I lose my laugh is to listen to comedy on…

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Portfolio E-Book!

Just in time for all my 2013 brides, here is my newest portfolio! Enjoy these photos, a totally random mix of my favorites from recent weddings

Only a handful of these pics are professional (Thank you Stephie Photo, Daniel Knight and Fusion Flowers, as noted in the too small to…

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Beauty in Possibility

Everybody is blogging/micro blogging/tweeting and/or facebooking (is that even a word?) about the New Year.

Peer pressure.

When I think of alllllll the brides, allllll the flowers from 2012, I have a reoccurring thought ¬†“no wonder I’m tired”. ¬†There is beauty in possibility.

After scrolling through countless images from me, my staff…

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