What We Do

You probably came to this page because you want to know more about Jodi Duncan and what EXACTLY it is that we do. You might be an industry professional, a bride, a homeowner, just a dude wanting some flowers, or a homeowner who needs help sprucing things up. You might even be a spy or a secret agent….in which case I’m not much help. The rest of you are in luck.


This is where I began, where I got my start. I have pivoted into other avenues, which I will list below.

I’m actually a lot of things. I am multi passionate and multi faceted. I am a good cook, great at styling just about everything, I’m a wife and a meemaw and mother and Golden Doodle lover. And yes I am an AIFD accredited designer and have won more awards that most people for my work. So there’s that.


Flowers, planning, coordinating, rentals, you name it, we do it. And we have done thousands. And of those thousands of weddings we designed, we have had less than 10 complaints (heard of Bridezilla? Yeah. Its a Real Thing.)

We would probably love to do yours if your budget matches your expectation and fits into our calendar. So hit us up.

Marketing & Social Media Agency.

We are clever communicators with innate instincts when it comes to connecting with people. Our agency is new and exploding with growth and client results. We’d love to see how we can grow your brand and get your message to that ideal client. They are out there. Let us help you find them and connect.

I like to TALK.

If you need an entertaining, educational SPEAKER for your event, I love to do DESIGN SHOWS, garden clubs & programs for wholesale and retail events. Clients include Macy’s, Dillards, Design Master Color Tool, Bill Doran Flowers, Kennicott Brothers and Baisch & Skinner. You can check me out on YouTube, I’ve got lots of videos over there.

I am a Freelance Designer.

If you are an INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL, I am your FREELANCE DESIGNER. I can come to your shop or showroom. I can commentate and design for shows. If you need and extra set of hands or just want to brainstorm about marketing and merchandising, give me a shout. I am a featured designer for FUSION FLOWERS international magazine as well as a principal designer for the award winning Schaffer Designs of PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW fame.

Conveniently located in the midwestern prairie, it’s easy for me to get anywhere (once I get to the airport, that is, which is another adventure in being RURAL.)